/MYP 4 Personal Project Boot Camp

MYP 4 Personal Project Boot Camp

To gear up for the phase of our academic year running for a duration of ten months, the self-directed students of MYP 4 were audience to the Personal Project Bootcamp. Conducted with the intention of introducing us to necessary guidelines and planting the seed of idea brainstorming, it was a productive session marking the first landmark of our inquiry.

We started the enriching and advantageous gathering by highlighting the meaning behind Personal Project to us, as global citizens and IB students alike. It was fascinating and stimulating to listen to the responses of my fellow classmates, who were as keen as myself to embark on this pathway. Through the medium of an advertisement, we distinguished between what the Project is in essence and what it does not comprise of. The usage of rhetorical questions, interactive media mediums and hands-on activities assisted in making the camp more memorable and fruitful.

Post being briefed on a timeline to adhere to and the criteria specifications to be met, we differentiated between the learning goal and product goal of our potential inspirations. We were able to identify the importance of evidence and recognize the significance of academic integrity by examining the works of preceding batches. Through relevant examples and appropriate exemplars, we gained deeper insight into obtaining the objective of pursuing our dreams. To begin with plan formulation, we listed down suitable themes and topics we were familiar with in advance. Under the pressure of a timer of two minutes, we ensured to not think twice about the same, and rather let our pens flow freely onto the paper. Scribbling and penning each potential topic made us more confident in our promptness to realize our true inner philosophies.

Following this, we were asked to enumerate non-governmental organizations which could serve the purpose of being probable collaborators in the creation of our product. Lastly, we took upon the task of analyzing the positive implications of our chosen notion on our future, comprising of the immediate impact on our time in the Diploma Programme and a long-term effect on our career choices. Under the guidance and supervision of the core team in charge of the Personal Project, we progressed with the workshop by using the process of elimination to narrow down our train of thought. Ms. Sakshi, along with the consistent support of Ms. Vigya and Ms. Sonali, was a truthful and approachable mentor who explained the culmination of MYP with utmost perfection in detail. By the end, we had formulated conceivable products, commenced with our process journals for documentation purposes and comprehended the chronology of the report to be submitted. Assessed under the strands of Criteria A, B and C, as well as requiring twenty-five hours of evidence-based erudition, the Personal Project is an extraordinary avenue for curricular amalgamation.

Thanks to the question-answer discussions and doubt clarifications, students became more comfortable and open to the perception of undertaking such major responsibility. With less than a few weeks left before the initiation of the preliminary stages of the project, we are wholeheartedly looking forward to these treasured moments of our school life.

A huge thank you to Ms. Sakshi, Ms. Vigya and Ms. Sonali for conducting the orientation!

Written by Paavni Mehrotra (MYP 4E)