/MYP 2 Dance on Mitosis

MYP 2 Dance on Mitosis

In our science classes these days, we are working on Unit 4, ‘Who are we?’ This unit is based on DNA, Genes, Genetic Information, etc. One of the key topics that we are covering in this unit is cell division, and one of the two broad categories of cell division is Mitosis.

After covering the basic process of mitosis, and briefly understanding what happens in this type of cell division, we did two activities that were extremely different from any other learning method we have used.

Firstly, we learnt and performed a short hand-jive, which consisted of short gestures that help us understand the overall stages of mitosis. This was not very long and helped us remember the different phases that take place under mitosis.

The second activity that we did, was even more fun than performing the hand jive. We performed a dance that deeply depicted the process of mitosis, in the song Gangnam style. All of us chose the element we wanted to become from the mitosis cycle (chromosomes/centrosomes/nuclear membrane/cell membrane) and coordinated the outfit with the others. We got different coloured t-shirts that were easy to change into, so we could perform the dance at school. All of us learnt the steps of the dance according to our roles (when we had to enter, what we had to do, where we had to move when we had to exit, etc).

On the day of the dance recording, we were all very excited and enthusiastic. As our science of the day started, all of us wore our outfits and got ready. We practised the dance for 15 minutes in our classroom, and then went out in the field. We split according to our groups, and performed our dance, while the Science teachers recorded it.

Overall, it was a great activity, and experience that we had while performing the dance. It was a very unique way of memorising the cycle of mitosis, and each one of us enjoyed it.

Written by Anaiya Giare (MYP 2A)