/Informal Graduation: What it was like behind the scenes

Informal Graduation: What it was like behind the scenes

Being a DP1 student, the hours following a full day of school on Thursday led me to dream about how my own informal graduation would be next year.

7th April marked the day of the Informal Graduation, hosted by the DP1 students to wish farewell to our seniors, and to celebrate their batch one last time.

The event signified and carried through, its due job in terms of reminiscing DP2’s school journey in a casual and intimate manner. The deeply buried pictures of the DP2 students back in PYP camps, or even in their early MYP days were definitely the cause of a lot of cringeworthy and embarrassing inklings that day. After all, a shared purpose is what brings people together.

The event, hosted by two DP1 students began with a series of musical performances, a mixed bag of band performances, acoustic and even karaoke. Being one of the people on stage, hearing the audience cheer on for us was really a rush of serotonin and kept our confidence high and nerves suppressed.

Following this were the dance performances. An array of party Bollywood and Hollywood songs made the crowd crazy. A combination of the viral dance steps inspired by TikToks and a weave of popular Bollywood and Hollywood party songs were just what the graduating batch needed to hoot and clap.

Lined up next was what we learnt to be the hit of the evening, the skit performance. We played a mix of teachers and students, an obvious stimuli calling for laughs. Joking and dubbing our own seniors was not a tough job. We know their mannerisms by the back of our hands, and the jokes came gushing out. Phones flipped out to record this, being saved to watch for a laugh later and savour.

Post the performances, the mementoes were handed out. We added a special twist and titled our seniors in ways we found more suitable, with titles like “#gossipgirl” and “#brokenzoom.” Afterwards was the dinner service and the dancing. Every song our talented DJ (Mr. Ram) played was a guaranteed hit. The rest of the evening consisted of jumping, screaming lyrics out and pure fun.

Overall, the event was a spectacular and memorable moment not just for the batch of DP2 but also my own. The behind the scenes and onstage work forged memories we will remember for a long time. It not only helped us get to know our seniors better, but also allowed us to bond with our peers.

Suhani Pasricha, DP1