/A Vast Range of Opportunities

A Vast Range of Opportunities

During this week on 13th April, the PSG spring university fair was organized, with delegates from the top schools in India and Canada such as the Indian School of Business and York university in attendance. This fair was representative of the opportunities we as students are provided to study courses like Design, engineering, research, hospitality, and more in a vast range of universities. Additionally, this fair was especially organized for us DP1 students who are amidst the process of shortlisting universities and beginning our college applications.

First off, the fair began with the distribution of magazines, brochures, and pamphlets, all of which provided an extensive range of information about the campus, housing spaces, costs, and – most importantly – the courses they were offering. Personally, I was impressed with the wide range of courses in psychology, business management, and Law in the OP Jindal University. On the other hand, the stall from Lakehead university stole the show as it was constantly surrounded by students and parents. Some universities distributed T-shirts and pop sockets, which was not only a great marketing strategy, but also helped some of us identify with our preferred universities and become more passionate about them.

Moreover, since the delegates for each university were accustomed to answering questions about their respective colleges, we discarded any fears and doubts about the entire process. The admission officers not only answered every one of our questions, but also gave us information about the college requirement as per the IB board.

And it was not just students who were curious about college admissions, many parents also attended the fair, armed with their own set of questions. Mr. Uday Khanna stated that he benefited from the fair, as he gained relevant and reliable information on the avenues college provide, straight from the horses’ mouth. However, some were left disappointed by the fair, as Ms. Shweta Khurana said that she expected a better line-up of colleges. This sentiment was shared by students as well. When asked whether the fair helped progress his college application process, Prithvi Lall of DP 1 replied, “Not really, but I got some cool pamphlets”. While the roster of colleges may not have been completely satisfactory, students praised the flexibility of courses that colleges offered. Ananya Gupta of DP 1 commented that she was surprised that she could find courses suited to her aspirations and interests.

Overall, this fair has marked the first step of the long but insightful journey of college applications in our lives. Observing the opportunities and wide range of courses, it is safe to say that each one of us has a great chance to experience the education we desire in the future. Even though the selection of colleges was limited, the courses and opportunities offered were wide and important in this formative stage of our lives.

– Ishan Kanade and Daman Seth, DP 1