/WOW Moment – Ms. Shobha’s Hindi Lesson

WOW Moment – Ms. Shobha’s Hindi Lesson

On the noteworthy and exhilarating occasion of International Mother Language Day, the students of MYP 4 performed many creative activities related to the ongoing classroom inquiry in the discipline of Language Acquisition. With our present unit revolving around nature and the consequences of human actions on the same, we were divided into breakout rooms in order to present our prior knowledge through insightful mediums of a wide variety. With the intention of laying an established framework for the final product, we were provided with a vocabulary list of phrases and concepts related to our learning. Synthesizing the wonders of industrialization with the beauty of expressing perspectives through Hindi was an unforgettable and fruitful experience!

The first group was assigned the task of formulating twenty attention-grabbing and thought-provoking questions about the environment and our mutual relationship with the components of biodiversity. Adhering to the format of multiple-choice questions, these were based on general awareness of internationally-minded members of youth and promoted global citizenship. They were framed using correct sentence structure, sensible grammar and appropriate difficulty level. Using our critical-thinking skills, we ensured to make the answers evident enough to seem rational However, at the same time, we wanted to stimulate the audience so as to not give anything away by making the questionnaire too simple. In relation to our lesson, this activity helped in interpreting understanding the significance of landforms, natural disasters, plants, insects, animals and the climate.

The second group was expected to use their creative thinking skills and artistic talent to visually depict their comprehension of the positive and negative implications of our decisions. Combining the flight of our imagination with the quill of our pen, we were able to produce drawings with a sense of urgency to address the environmental issues prevalent in current times. By incorporating a sense of humour and satire into our masterpieces, we were able to bring in an element of entertainment. Our social skills were enhanced in the process of brainstorming an initial idea to work upon and implementing it with zeal, collaboration and a strong resolve.

The class was a memorable experience as we were introduced to the unit details of our new inquiry. As responsible, international-minded citizens delving into Globalization and Sustainability, these activities allowed us to integrate our prior knowledge with our ingenuity. Thank you Ms. Shobha for allowing us to exercise student autonomy in our work!

Written by Paavni Mehrotra (Head of Events)