/When Maths Met TOK!

When Maths Met TOK!

On Monday, 28 February 2022, the students of DP1 had the privilege of enjoying a guest lecture from Mr Jalaj Chaturvedi, a prominent TOK Instructor and IB Maths examiner. Through his lecture, students were enlightened into the links between the field of Mathematics, and Theory of Knowledge. 

“Mathematics enjoys a privilege in society.” This is a statement the students were particularly attuned to through his presentation, as they explored how simply adding quantitative data to statements can help increase their perception of credibility. 

Furthermore, students under Mr. Jalaj explores the ubiquity of maths surrounding our lives, no matter what field of study we go to or where we are. Hence, it stressed on the significance of mathematics in our daily lives that guides and provides logic and stability to our world. The link between TOK and mathematics was beautifully created, providing another interdisciplinary view of two crucial aspects of the Diploma program that hence gave students further clairty of maths as an area of knowledge. In addition, students participated in many activities such as the Dock game, creating a balance full of excitement and learning. 

An individual scribbling over stacks of paper, scrawling on blackboards and yelling “Eureka!” when they solve the unsolvable. This is the general image, and typical stereotype, of knowledge being produced in mathematics. However, through Mr Chaturvedi’s insightful session; this misconception too, was broken. Instead, students were introduced to the two distinct lines of reasoning used in mathematics. One, where mathematicians use specific examples to arrive at a generalized theory, also called induction. And the other, where mathematicians apply a generalized theory to solve specific problems, better known as deduction. Understanding these concepts, students were better able to gauge the subject they so often fear.

From his lecture, DP1 has emerged with the understanding that mathematics is not a subject to be feared, but rather a beautiful discipline, full of nuance and complexities. And for that, we thank Mr Chaturvedi, and look forward to such insightful lectures in the future!

Written by Angad Kalra and Riya Sabherwal, DP1