/The World is My Stage – A reflection of Ms. Aindrisha Mitra’s Guest Session

The World is My Stage – A reflection of Ms. Aindrisha Mitra’s Guest Session

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, visual art, and dance students of DP 1 had the opportunity to attend a guest lecture by Ms Aindrisha Mitra, a journalist and a movement arts enthusiast based in New Delhi.  Miss Mitra inspired us all by her motivational stories and anecdotes, as she is an artist who was never afraid to be different in society.

In this interactive session we all asked ourselves a very important question. Why did we choose to become artists? After a few moments of self-reflection and introspection, we could all agree that art, may it be dance, drama, music, or photography, is a platform for all of us to converse not just with others but more importantly ourselves. It is a platform for us where we can create without any rules or boundaries, a platform for us to express our emotions in our own unique styles.

Furthermore, we explored stereotypes in society, such as how arts and education is essentially understood as an oxymoron. We live in a world run by capitalism, wherein the attainment of wealth has become the respected achievement of our time.

Growing up, and attending family gathering and parties, I would always be asked “What do you want to be after you leave school” and my response would always be “I want to be a dancer”. They would chuckle at my high and ‘unrealistic’ expectations I had from life, and would ask me questions like, , “You can’t make a career out of dancing, where will your income come from?”

From this lecture, All DP 1 dance and visual arts students understood that art is not just a subject but a way of living life. And for that we thank Ms. Mitra and look forward to such inspirational and insightful lectures in the future!

Written by Bhavya Bawa (DP 1)