/Running to Victory – The DP Cross Country Run

Running to Victory – The DP Cross Country Run

The bright sun greeted the DP students and faculty, after 2 long years where the DP students and two teachers found themselves excited to race against time. Playing a game of stamina, our sports faculty had announced the cross country run for March 2022, a raincheck for the one scheduled in October last year.

Tuesday morning, as all students lined up in two groups outside the starting line, we were highly energetic and later motivated with the crucial words of Captain Bajaj which definitely uplifted the spirit of many. From the very beginning, the race showcased the commitment of our students as even after an extensive run of 5km, no one seemed to have quit, which is what makes such sporting events pleasing to watch.

The morning was certainly different for Ajitabh Borgohain as he conquered the race by coming first from the entire lot with a timing of 18 minutes and 48 seconds followed by Tanush Naveen and Ayaan Ahmed of DP 1 in the boys’ category. On the other hand, Kriti Swarup of DP 2 bagged the first position in the girls’ category followed by Yadhvi Sharma of DP 1 and Malika Chopra of DP 2. The passion of every student who participated is as great of a victory as those named. As a side benefit, it gains them house points too!

To conclude an amazing experience of the cross country run, I would say that everything was organized and wouldn’t have been possible without the faculty and staff members who were out there in the scorching heat with us, whether it was standing next to the water stations or leading us to the right track so we wouldn’t lose our way in the middle. Along with this, it has benefitted most of us by upholding their spirit, and interest in the field.

Aaryaman Gupta, Deputy Head of Sports, DP1