/Photography and Biology? An unusual mix!

Photography and Biology? An unusual mix!

On March 1st, the Biology students had the opportunity to attend a guest speaker lesson by Mr. Aditya Rao. He is an educator, trainer, and administrator with over 12 years of experience in the fields of Natural Sciences – Biology, ESS and is also a credited facilitator in the Theory of Knowledge.

We had the privilege to actively converse with him and learn about his different life experiences and how we should manage our school life. But, more importantly, he spoke to us about his work in the field and showed us glimpses of his zoology experience, by showing us multiple pictures of animals he captured such as storks, ducks and other birds that were migratory in nature. He shared his experiences in sanctuary parks and ecological gardens. Impressively, he shone light on his animal-saving initiatives informing us about the situation of animals around the world. Furthermore, he even spoke about how climate change and global warming are impacting migratory animals.

An anecdote that really stood out to me was Mr. Rao capturing his exquisite photos. According to him, he waited 24 hours in a swamp, in knee-deep, filthy water without an eyelid of sleep, to take pictures of an exceedingly rare migratory duck called, “Silver Teal Ducks”.

Moreover, Mr. Aditya Rao being a Pathways alumnus himself, gave us tricks and tips to deal with our studies and how to balance work and life. Specifically, he helped increase our learning in the subject of Biology which piqued my interest in nature and photography at the same.

I particularly liked this guest lecture since it was less content-heavy and based more on interaction and connection with my peers and myself. Instead of a lecture, it was designed more like a conversation, where instead of topical learning, we used active listening whole-heartedly. The way he opened with his life experiences helped us to widen our horizons in our subject.

Written by Tanush Naveen Goudar, DP1