/Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

On the 4th of March, we were taken to the library for an informative and captivating session on Dr. Seuss. His birthday falls on 3rd March and he turned 118 years in this year, 2022. The late Dr. Seuss is the writer of many famous books like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “The Cat in the Hat” which have been translated into movies & TV shows. In the library session, we covered his early life, career, and ups & downs in his life. It was a mind-opening experience to learn so much about such a famous author. The video was fascinating and informative, and the session was enjoyable & lively. In the end, we also had poster making to commemorate the talented author who captivates his readers with his funny rhymes. In a nutshell, it was a captivating session filled with interest and knowledge.

Written by Raaghvi Goel (MYP 1B)

It was a great session. I learned so much! Dr. Seuss is a great author. He made so many amazing books but it’s so sad that he is not with us anymore. As a kid, I think I have read all his books and honestly, I don’t feel like there was even one book that I have not read and liked! I love his imagination and all the effort he put into his books! For his birthday which was one day before the session, I tried to read as many books by him as possible! While reading, a lot of memories came right back to my mind of when I was a kid. How I  loved reading his books, ‘The cat in the hat’ being the absolute best. I don’t think that there are any authors in this world who are as amazing as Dr. Seuss and I don’t think that there will ever be. As a kid, I always wondered why his name was Dr. Seuss! In the session, it was told to us that he had been banned from writing books so for an undercover name he would use Dr. Seuss. There was so much more I learned like when he was born and how he loved kids but could not have any of his own, so he wrote books for kids! This session was amazing and I’m glad we had it since I learned so much!

Written by Dhwani Jain (MYP 1E)