/Celebrating Holi, the Pathways Way!

Celebrating Holi, the Pathways Way!

On Friday, March 11 – the final day of school before the spring break – the DP community celebrated the festival of colours, by continuing the long-standing tradition of playing Holi with flowers at Pathways. This is a tradition that I have been partaking in for the last 8 years, ever since I joined the school, and it is something that all the students look forward to, because it gives us an opportunity to celebrate an important part of Indian culture with our friends and our teachers.

This year was the last Holi celebration for the DP-2 students before they go off to college, and it was the first time it was celebrated in school since covid, which made it all the more special. Hence, this year they decided to include the parents of DP-2 students, to make the celebration more special for all of them. The parents joined students after a coffee morning with the Principal and School Director and got to join in on the Pathways Holi fun– one last time. We also had various performances, including a classical dance and poetry reading that started off the celebration.

The traditions at Pathways keep evolving alongside the community, and they are what bring us all closer together.

Written by Priyansh Gupta, DP-1