/Book Review – I Am Malala

Book Review – I Am Malala

“I am Malala” is an autobiography written by Malala with British journalist Christina Lamb. It is the story of Malala Yousufzai, a simple Pakistani girl with outstanding courage and bravery. It is a story about a teenage girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking her mind. It is a story about equality, her undying commitment to education and fighting for the right to do so. It is the complete saga of the youngest ever Nobel peace prize winner, in her own words, through her own understanding of the events that were happening at that time and that is what makes it worth reading.

As the book unfolds, the reader is taken upon a journey in Malala’s life filled with big dreams and the conviction to fulfil them. The book gives explicit details about the various events that took place through her eyes. While reading those events, one gets the idea or the perspective of a brave heart, who despite constant threats from the Taliban, continued her studies and became an inspiration for many. It is quite touching to read the life of people under the Taliban regime, especially women. It is disheartening to read about atrocities done by the Taliban in the name of religion.

However, as the book progresses, amidst all the chaos and mayhem created by the Taliban, it beautifully captures the scenic beauty of Swat valley in easy, comprehensible language. The anecdotes give a clear picture of the place where she spent her childhood, the rich Pashtun heritage, life in the valley and her constant struggle for equality. She is projected as a simple teenage girl living in unprecedented times but finds a parallel in the courageous people of her time. Her hope and optimism see her through in difficulty. And in this endeavour, her family had been her constant support. Malala’s father was the wind beneath her wings. He instilled in her moral values of honesty and courage to speak her mind. She got inspiration from her father to face adversity with courage and conviction and he was always there to support her.

Overall, the book is an inspirational read for many people. It is a reminder for all that if we believe in something and work tirelessly for it, then nothing is impossible. This book is a testament to her belief in life that, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful”.

Written by Riya Sharma (MYP 3A)