/Assembly Reflection by MYP 4A

Assembly Reflection by MYP 4A

Throughout the course of planning our Assembly, each and every student of MYP 4A learned to express themselves and showcase their individual talents and ideas ranging from performing dramatic skits, to rhythmic and melodic musical performances along with the literary art of presenting poetry, thereby making our production a culmination of our unique interests and abilities.

Working towards our final assembly date supported our class in working upon our time-management skills and ability to work strongly together as a team which not only brought each one of us closer together but helped to forge newer friendships within the classroom as we all appreciated and acknowledged our individual contributions and ideas.

The Assembly title, “A Journey Gone By” aimed to commemorate our previous online school learning experiences and memories to further welcome each student of MYP 4 back into the physical space where our lives slowly begin to experience some margin of normalcy after a long-awaited 2 years of attending school online.

The comedic skit, in specific, facilitated each student in recalling their previous memories and anecdotes from classroom transactions along with memorable phrases commonly voiced by their favourite teachers which made the final production all the more relatable, amusing, and remarkable for other MYP 4 students who may have drawn inferences of their own and possibly have recollected certain personal memories as well.

Personally, I extremely enjoyed writing the comedic skit and emcee script with my fellow editors Sanad, Suhana and Shreya as we were able to exercise our creativity and present the best of what our class had to offer.

Overall, this year’s assembly was surely one to remember and I am confident that our fond memories have now, forever been memorialized and further, will hold a special place in each of us as we progress and grow as learners in the years yet to come. Here is to hoping for many such memorable assemblies from other sections in the near future as well!

Link to presentation: https://bit.ly/3IGongr

Performance Videos https://bit.ly/3IDuEJv

Written by Suhanna Saini (MYP 4A)