/Session on International Mindedness and Inclusiveness

Session on International Mindedness and Inclusiveness

ES Session on International Mindedness and Inclusiveness (with PYP 2 in collaboration with the unit on Migration) Date: 8th March 2022 The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people…. English Support in collaboration with PYP 2 organized a session on International mindedness and inclusiveness where students were able to make connections with their ongoing unit on migration under the transdisciplinary theme ‘Where we are in place and time.’ The story telling session from the book “Me, All Alone at the End of the World” helped students to further their understanding on the on-going Unit of Inquiry. They made connections with the impact of migration on communities and individuals. As a part of reflection, students shared how being Open minded will help them to understand and imbibe the statement: We embrace the culture of inclusiveness and International mindedness. Students shared some meaningful thoughts and delved into what it means and how do they make it happen. Truly a fulfilling session to see students enriching their minds and souls with the thoughts of inclusiveness and open-mindedness. They promised not only to support students from different nationalities but also to be open to include their peers with variety of abilities.