/Guest Speaker session – How We Organise Ourselves 

Guest Speaker session – How We Organise Ourselves 

Inviting guest speakers into the classroom is a classic teaching strategy. Welcoming other voices into the classroom provides students with access to other perspectives and adds variety to the classroom routine and demonstrates that learning is a collaborative enterprise. Learning new, interesting things is a part of education. To make the inquiry more enriching, Kindergarten invited Captain Dheeraj as a guest speaker from Indigo Airlines to enlighten our  students with the facts about the air transport. He also made them  aware of the safety measures to be followed while travelling through airways. Captain Dheeraj connected with the students about what they are currently learning.

He explained in detail about the cockpit and the safety measures to be followed through props. He influenced our young learners to wonder and ask questions, investigate different safety precautions like using gadgets and mobile phones on the plane. This newly acquired knowledge will inspire our students  to be well informed while travelling. 

Students got the insight and viewpoint of his area of expertise.