/Aerobic – On!

Aerobic – On!

Pathways World School, Aravali; commemorates February, as “The Month Of heart” wherein all Pathwaysians walk or engage in an athletic event with an aim of spreading joy all around. Joy, not only for participating in the event but also for a solemn cause that always brings soul satisfaction & inner happiness.

This year too, the students enthusiastically participated in the event ‘Aerobic On’ that was organized by the Well-being Team in collaboration with the PE department, as an Inter-House cum Fund Raiser event for all the three Programs -PYP, MYP, and DP.

It was a delight to see all the students participate actively in this energetic event that served the dual purpose of channelizing our learner’s energies by engaging in some physical activity, alongside contributing to a cause as this was a fundraising event as well. It is known to all that engaging in physical activity of any sort, helps in elevating one’s mood as the happiness hormones are secreting in our brain. It is with this intent that the event was organized.

This was a Hybrid event for PYP and MYP students as certain students are attending school online. However, for DP students, the event was conducted in physical space. The event was an Inter-house competition alongside being a fundraiser for Secondary School students. For the PYP students, it was an event of engaging the students in physical activity along with being a fund-raising event. It was indeed a great success.