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Master Classes

With the enhancement in the IB practices, the learner was proposed to be (and more strongly than ever before) at the centre of all learning and teaching that takes place. In addition to that, the understanding of the same, became the foundation of development and promotion of learner agency in our students. We at Pathways Primary School, introduced Master Class to build competencies in our learners, besides cultivating the mindset that learning can take place anywhere, at any time and from any person who has worked towards developing mastery over a certain area of work- that person, could even be their own peers. In PYP 4 Master Class on various topics/skills ranging from sharing the technique of origami, knowledge of how games can be designed using a gaming app, how the drawing of the skyline can be mastered through ‘raise’ technique, amongst a few were conducted. This new initiation introduced in term 2, provided a voice and gave ownership to our students, besides giving them the choice of what they wished to learn and share, in the process.