/Forgiveness, the misconceived or the inconceivable thought?

Forgiveness, the misconceived or the inconceivable thought?

MYP 3D engaged in an interactive and enticing session on the concept of ‘Forgiveness’. But what exactly is forgiveness? Is it simply forgiving and forgetting what was said, done or heard? Well, the answer to that, is in this wonderful class conducted during our PULSE session! Take a closer look…

Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood and unthinkable concepts throughout the course of time. One of the most paradoxical and self-contradictory topics to ever be discussed. We all have experienced one point in our life, where there has been the decision to forgive someone for an action or event which was inflicted upon us. It may have hurt you, left you feeling betrayed, agonized you, changed you? But your life is filled with choices, and one of the most significant choices in your life will be to forgive, forget, and move forward.

These words seem simple enough, don’t they? But have you ever delved deep into the actual thought of the true resolute needed to do so? To forgive you must understand and accept; to forget you must let go, to move forward, you must forgive and forget. If you close your eyes and think of one time in your life, the most prevalent time, where you truly forgave someone? Think of that, think of why you forgave that someone. Did you feel sorry, did you feel hurt, were you empathetic, did you not care? Think of what you felt, why you felt it. What you feel in a situation, what you think in a situation, is your character expressed in the hundreds of situations you could go through. That is what determines the core factor as to why you forgive someone. Your emotions are not just a wave of feelings imposed upon you; they are a part of you. Forgiving someone requires strength to lift the weight of the world from your shoulders. You don’t forgive someone till you truly understand, ‘Why?’ ‘How?’ and then accept things as they are. Don’t push them away.

How do you forget? Do you truly forget something? Why do we hold grudges? These are all questions you may never have asked yourself. A grudge is one of the most commonly used words in situations of the past. What is it really? Throughout your life, you would have gone through a time where there was a weighing and negative social incident, a grudge is maintaining a mindset, sticking with past occurrences, and evading comprehension of the possible changes which would have taken place over a long period of time. Holding grudges is simply living and responding to past memories which commonly impact you negatively, which is why letting go and uncovering the truth of what happens is important.

That is what will not only help you forgive but forget. Forgetting those negative and heavy thoughts will free you from a tide of some of the most hurtful things which might come your way. You have your positivity, your bright memories, and your strength to fight anything coming your way.

From that point onwards, you have all you need to move on, you have understood, accepted, let go and finally, you can move forward. “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that prisoner was you” –  a deep saying by Lewis B. Smedes. Take a moment to think about it and realize the marvels of forgiveness. This was simply a compilation and personal comprehension of the rewarding session on Forgiveness.

Remember: Forgive, forget, and move forward. You may not get it in one go, but try!

Written by Jasmine Hughe (MYP 3D)