/Computer Science IAs – an introduction

Computer Science IAs – an introduction

For the last few classes or let’s say, a month’s worth of classes, the Band 2 Computer Science students have rigorously and diligently worked on the Computer Science Internal Assessment, along with Computational thinking under the evergreen guidance of Mr. Sumit, which involves a systematic procedure to develop a computerized product for solving a potential client’s issue.

I recollect how crystal-clear Mr. Sumit was in emphasizing the importance of scoring well on it since it holds substantial weightage for both SL and HL, thus serving as the “X factor” between getting a 6 and a 7. Moreover, he emphasized the seriousness of the IA and its significant impact on the potential predicted scores in case the exams were called off due to the unprecedented circumstances. That embarked the beginning of the endeavor, sparking a flame to nail it. It all began with Criterion A – Planning and Initial Consultations, which involved finding a client, identifying and describing the problem, the rationale for the proposed solution, etc.

Mr. Sumit had shared some valuable resources and samples that set a benchmark for what the net result should be. The process – until today – prompted for several consultations with the client, along with in-class discussions that could generate more ideas and result in the exchange of knowledge. As of now, we have been working extensively on Criterion B, which entails the envisioned design and the flow of instructions that will take place within the product.

Up until now, it has been an interesting ride – exploring, researching, planning, and designing with the constant support of Mr. Sumit, not to mention looking forward for the journey ahead and the stages that come next.

Written by Mihir Khanna, DP1-F