/An experience worth the talk!

An experience worth the talk!

As rightly said by Sam Clark, “Be inspired by your journeys travelled, and the ones yet to come.”

 On 6th February. 2022, I embarked upon a memorable journey to Sultanpur National Park, where I participated in a photography competition hosted by Shoots-and-Shoots Film Academy. For longer than I can recall, I have always had a deep passion and love for Wildlife Photography.

With a camera in my hand, I have the ability to capture and cherish each and every valuable moment, and this is exactly what I was able to do during this unforgettable experience at the Bird Sanctuary in Sultanpur National Park. Having arrived at the sanctuary at the break of dawn, I experienced a blissful sunrise on a cold winter morning, after which I introduced myself to several other photographers and participants present at the event. I was stunned to see the plethora of cameras, lenses and exceptional photography equipment presented to us by the organizers of the event, who took us through each and every piece of equipment, explaining its exact function and purpose in detail.

Following this, we set out for a walk with our cameras to photograph the absolute beauty that we were surrounded by. I was given the opportunity to use professional cameras and lenses, but I decided to stick with my own because I believed that this experience wasn’t about using elaborate and expensive equipment, but instead, understanding, studying and learning the different techniques, elements and aspects of photography with the equipment I already use. I was able to capture some stunning instances, from the sight of an eagle soaring in the vast, blue sky to the tranquillity of a calm, still lake, I photographed some remarkable moments, which represented the sheer purity and beauty of nature. This was truly an amazing experience, which gave me the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the various techniques, elements and aspects of photography. Through this event, I gained a newer outlook and perspective towards photography. The skill in photography is acquired by practice and not purchase.

Written by Rayhaan Soomar (MYP 4A)