/Commentary on Art: Vincent Van Gough’s ‘The Starry Night’ by Chinmayi Gaur, MYP5

Commentary on Art: Vincent Van Gough’s ‘The Starry Night’ by Chinmayi Gaur, MYP5

Vincent van Gogh was a painter from the Netherlands who had a difficult life. After his death, his artwork became well-known. He was an up-and-coming artist. He suffered from a variety of mental illnesses, which are depicted in his paintings such as The Starry Night. He decided to become an artist when he was 27 years old, but he didn’t have any success until after he died. The chosen artwork, “The Starry Night,” is a moderately abstract work that uses a composition of colors, forms, and lines to depict Gogh’s life hardships. The painting represents a ray of optimism in Gogh’s otherwise difficult existence. The spiral lines reveal a glimpse into the artist’s thinking and convey the sensation of befuddlement. This artwork uses natural elements such as celestial objects, human creations such as houses, sky, and a tree. Art is very personal to the artist and so is nature. The stars and the moon symbolize the light of hope which might be in the time frame of Van Gogh’s life when his life was becoming better.  this piece portrays emotion using the tiniest of non-living objects, such as lines. I have always been surrounded by the idea of realism and have been restricted by the rules and regulations of matching to the realistic descriptions such as making a girl with 2 eyes, pink lips, long hair, etc. And abstract/ semi-abstract art has no boundaries which is why I love its freedom and want to learn more about it. The artwork ‘Sunflower’ has been in my bedroom since before I was born and growing up, I used to stare at that painting for hours observing the shades of yellow used in it. The older I got; my interpretation of that artwork changed too. I am very much invested in Vincent Van Gogh’s life struggles and his portrayal of emotions through his artworks. I can connect to him sentimentally which is why I chose him as my artist to learn more in-depth about. Both the artworks are very much inspired by nature. There is a personal connection of the artwork to these natural elements in his artwork. Yellow was Van Gogh’s favorite color as he related that color with the emotion of happiness and that’s what is prominent in his artworks as that’s what he was trying to find in his life and art, and art was a major part of his life.