/Are Children Assets or Liabilities?

Are Children Assets or Liabilities?

By: Naytik Jain, MYP2

In financial accounting, an asset is any resource owned or controlled by a body or an individual which contains an economic value and/or future benefits. Simply put, assets are those which put money in your pocket or account. While, liabilities are debt – Essentially, losing money out of your pocket. All assets require investments. Assets are like sowing seeds, you sprinkle them love, affection, and education, in return they are going to prosper with flying colors, bringing back money.  

In today’s modernized and rich societies children are considered more of a financial liability, not an asset. Whereas, in the traditional and rural societies children are considered a long-term investment which will soar gains higher till ever. However, children in rich societies are considered demanding and a burden acting as an obstacle in their success although children are one of the best assets one can have. All assets need investments, so do they, and their gains are just unbelievable. Rightly said by Nelson Mandela, “Children are the most important asset in a country. For them to become that asset, they must receive education and love from their parents.”. 
The money, love, affection invested in children will soon be a lucrative investment and financial education will just increase the return.  
In the future, there is going to be tougher competition and businesses will be challenging. Even today, most promising businesses fail within the first year because of the lack of financial education. A primary reason is poor budgeting skills and a lack of funding or working capital. The second reason is inadequate management of production as new products launch. Ineffective business planning like a clear description of their business, current and future employ and management needs; opportunities and threats with the broader market; capital needs and budgeting; marketing initiatives; or the lack of competitor analysis. This planning is the reason behind the immense success of a business. Disobeying and lack of planning impacts the growth of a business, the outcome of this arouses a skyrocketing business idea turn into a failure.  

Naytik Jain, MYP2