/100 days of Kindergarten

100 days of Kindergarten

On, January 17th, marked the 100th day of school for our young learners in Kindergarten. Importantly for students, it was a special opportunity to reflect on their hard work and celebrate all the progress they’ve made, and there was lot to celebrate for making it through these first 100 days! The celebration was a cross-curricular learning experience with stories, books  and math literacy. The students reflected and reiterated their counting skills and skipped counted numbers by 2’s. They were thrilled to make story sums with the concept of take away and add to make 100. They also reflected on the number chains they were making when they were back in the physical school and ideated a plan to continue counting further in their online classes as well.

To add to the excitement students also came dressed as 100 years old themselves. While some wore a dense white beard, others adorned a shawl and a walking stick to go with it. It was a pleasure to witness the imagination and enthusiasm shown by our learners to make the day memorable. Of course, an essential part of every celebration is fun games. With that being said, we played the game called “Guess Who?” wherein learners were shown pictures of their peers, which were edited to make them look old. They had to guess who was in the picture. Not only did they make the correct guesses, but they also thoroughly enjoyed playing the game.  Learners enjoyed watching the story “Ms. Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten” while having some healthy snacks and hot chocolate. The day ended with an exciting craft. Learners made an eye mask in the shape of number 100 to wear later and remember the day that it was! To keep the spirit going, asynchronous tasks assigned were based on the 100th-day celebration at school.