/Student Council Expansion

Student Council Expansion

In sync with our endeavor to continue to give opportunities to our students, an orientation session on the expansion of the student council was taken forward by our PYP Principal, Ms. Anuradha Sawhney, for all the students of PYP 5. Amidst much excitement, our enthusiastic students were explained the relevance and procedure of the expansion of the Student Council. Reiterating the paramount importance of well-being in today’s times, and with the idea of ensuring everyone’s emotional, mental and physical well-being, Ms. Anuradha spoke about the addition of well-being ambassadors to the Student Council, honoring voice of our own existing student council

To allow the students to exercise voice, choice and autonomy, they would be given the right to vote for candidates of their choice from the list of students nominated by the council members, and the elected members will thereafter be a part of the Student Council. In this orientation session, students put forth their thoughts and perspectives too, and the session was wrapped-up by the students asking questions, which were answered by the school counsellor, Ms. Bhavya Nagarajan.