/Overview: Best Boarding School in India

Overview: Best Boarding School in India

Welcome to Boarding 2.0, a boarding unlike any other.

A place where friendships are fostered and values learnt. A boarding school that measures Gross Students Happiness. Where the air is pure and the food is as wholesome as the one at home. With Flexi-boarding options like term and weekend boarding, Pathways World School has redefined boarding schools as we know it.

Being amongst the top boarding schools in India, we have replaced the strict wardens with Residence Parents, who not only mentor but give round the clock care to all boarders. Instead of large dormitories, we have twin-sharing spacious study bedrooms with attached bathrooms ensuring privacy, freedom and most importantly a homely ambience. Each floor has a common room where students can unwind, socialise, study and play. This is what makes us different from other residential schools in India

Spread across a sprawling 34 acres amidst the Aravali Hills, Pathways World School is an hour’s drive from the Delhi airport. Away from the pollution and humdrum of the city, the green campus has its own flora and fauna that provides a safe, tranquil and intellectually stimulating environment for students. The school also offers state of the art learning environment, making it one of the leading IB board schools in India.

School maintains a 1:24 ratio of residence parent to students to ensure individualized care and attention is given to all

The School has a capacity of 680 boarders spread across eight residential buildings.  The School also has a guest house for visiting Parents on campus Making it one of the best residential schools in India

While classes teach you how to learn, boarding teaches you how to live.– Saikat Sengupta, Residence Parent

At Pathways Residences, all our efforts are geared towards providing a wholesome, enriching life to our students to help them become the best version of themselves which is why we are regarded amongst the best residential schools in India.

Five years ago, I joined a boarding school. Next year, as I graduate, I will be leaving my second home.– Ansh Bhansali, Student Council President