/Learning to Learn Week – PYP 4 

Learning to Learn Week – PYP 4 

Today, education stresses self-direction, critical reflection, experiential learning, learning to learn, distance learning, and collaborative learning. The phenomenon of “learning to learn” or the formation of “learning sets” contributes towards orchestrating cognitive resources to help reach a holistic learning. 

To be able to organize and structure their own learning more effectively, the PYP 4 learners commenced term 2 of the academic year 2021-2022 by greeting their peers and mentors, taking pride in sharing their holiday homework and setting goals for the new term by reflecting upon the goals achieved in term 1. The socio-emotional connect was strengthened by revealing their vacation diaries. They revisited strategies to empower themselves with the ability to effectively manage time and information, problem solving, and adoption, application, and evaluation of new knowledge in different circumstances. They created their own self-regulation checklist to harness acquisition, persistence, self-awareness and agency. The learners also established the skills and competencies to be honed which will help them chart the road ahead in their academic journey this year with ease and confidence.  

They recapitulated the concepts of term 1 to get back to familiar routines of school life by establishing agreements for learning and getting re-equipped with technology and the virtual learning systems.