/Equity VS Equality

Equity VS Equality

Regardless of the uncanny similarity between Equity and Equality, they are two very contrasting words often mistaken for each other. The word “equality” is no stranger to these progressive times and is derived from the term “equal”. Equality is hence defined as the act of being equal, fair, and just. By this I mean, for instance, the protest “Black Lives Matter” which aims to help the black community be treated fairly as any other community instead of being superior or inferior. Another example is the protests for “Gender Equality”, which encourage every individual to be treated fairly irrespective of their gender. However, equity is the act of balancing out the playing field by sometimes using impartial means. To make this coherent, let me use an example to compare the two. For instance, the Indian Government organizes Government schools and Ration programs for the lower class. Equality is when these same programs and offers would be available for the whole population of India. Equity is when only the Indian population living in poverty are only offered these so that the playing field is levelled in the long run. Hence equality is simply the act of being fair while equity is using impartial means to create a balance.

Which one do you believe to be a flicker of hope to ignite a better future?

Written by Manasi Malhotra (MYP 3D)