/A Gratitude Jar

A Gratitude Jar

“A small jar with big value” – that’s what it’s all about.

Recently in our first PULSE lesson of this year, MYP 3 did an activity known as the “gratitude jar”. As the name suggests we had to draw a jar and fill it with things we are grateful for. It may sound simple but it’s not as easy as you think. While doing the activity we had to really think and reflect on our life – who were the people who stand behind who you are today, what are things that contribute to your achievements, what motivated you and helped you stand up again?

We had to totally submerge ourselves in our thoughts and as my jar continued to fill, plenty of emotions flowed through me. I was obviously feeling very grateful for all the things I have but more prominently, I was feeling empathetic. The more and more I wrote, the more I realised how loved and privileged I am to have a caring family, a holistic education, marvellous teachers, supportive friends and much more. I then started to think about what would happen if I did not have these privileges anymore. What would happen if I wasn’t born as fortunate as I am? This made me feel empathetic and compassionate towards people who weren’t born with such opportunities as we were; people who don’t get a chance to gain knowledge, people who can’t afford 3 meals a day, people who don’t have shelter to keep themselves safe or clothes to keep themselves warm.

This activity was an eye-opener as it made me realise how lucky I am to have so many good things in my life. Another thing I learned through this activity is the fact that even little things can make life big. Those little moments or memories you have of the time your friends made you laugh or the time your parents took care of you when you were sick leave such a great impact making you feel warm and loved. So, in the end, size doesn’t matter when it comes to happiness or love. As they say, a smile can go a long way. Something as small as a smile can give people hope and courage that things will get better or that the rain has happened, now all that’s left is for the rainbow to come and the sun to shine.

So, in the end, I am grateful for all the smiles, love, laughter, happiness, memories and opportunities life and the people around have given me. I hope that one day I can give all these to others as well!

Written by Mahi Malhotra (MYP 3C)