/On Understanding Strengths and Using them! 

On Understanding Strengths and Using them! 

I do not think a lesson interpretation has ever started like this and I doubt it ever will, but I joined class a few minutes late (internet problems, honest). Thankfully, nothing had developed into substance, and we were just starting off.  

Ms. Deepika, our Wellbeing teacher for the day began the class by sending a PadLet link. However, in Ms. Deepika’s truest sense, she fuelled the ominous tone a tad. “You will find a picture, a picture with a quote. What do you think about it?” I am sure this intrigued everyone, for I was on the edge of my seat. What was the quote? Do I know it? Will I know the quoter?  

All scrambling questions came to a rest when we clicked the link, and it took us to an empty PadLet with a single image in the middle: A picture of Professor McGonagall, from Harry Potter, and an overlaying quote reading: “All life is a series of problems, which we must try and solve.” Ms. Deepika made us ponder as to whether we agree or disagree with said quote.  

Few of my classmates agreed with the quote, and a few agreed with me: to disagree. My stance was refuting that life is a series of never-ending problems, but instead the solution to one is not the beginning of another. Those who agreed stated that life is a series of stages that increase in difficulty as the person matures. 

Post this insightful discussion, Ms. Deepika brought up strengths and everything familiar to it. She asked us to point out a moment in our life where we used our strengths in our favour. We were to identify our strengths from an unexhaustive list and evaluate how it makes us feel. I am creative in nature, and really enjoy designing using software’s such as Canva or Piktochart. When I am in my element, I feel on top of the world.  

The class was nearing its end, when Ms. Deepika conducted her final notion. Everyone present was to write down 1 strength of the others present. We wrote our responses on another PadLet, a tool Ms. Deepika loves, we have learnt.  

It was an insightful end to the week, and really set a tone for my coming weekend. I hope I can learn to use my strengths and my weaknesses, for ultimately they make me me.  

Suhani Pasricha, DP1