/No Energy to Start Energetics! 

No Energy to Start Energetics! 

We began Week B with chemistry and are ending it with chemistry. Therefore, how well these classes go truly define how the rest of my week goes! The first day of school after the winter break, we began the latest unit: Energetics.  

However, having my classes with Ms. Anuja, like usual we did not dive headfirst, rather began with a trip to small niceties. She asked us how our winter break went, and as every conversation goes, we ended up ranting about the pandemic and how it gets us stuck with online school. In my opinion, I prefer online school – no distractions and it saves a lot of my time, but as Ms. Anuja pointed out, online school equates to no-laboratory experiments, and my heart sinks. That is really the true loss from the pandemic! 

After our lively discussion, we began the unit. We looked through our class OneNote and were taken slowly and carefully through each topic ensuring our understanding. This routine repeated for the next two classes this week, and now I can say with certainty, I prefer physical school, definitely. I am truly looking forward to this new unit, as it is somehow similar yet different to the previous units of chemistry.  

Trisha Bagri, DP1