/Peace Day & Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

Peace Day & Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

Peace Day & Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in school with great fervour and enthusiasm.

The Primary School students were shown a short video on ‘Peace Around the World’ after which they expressed their views through writing messages on peace. Activities such as finger painting, puppets, treasure box of kindness, reflection on experiences took place and students collaborated towards issues that exist and call for attention. The students and their families participated virtually in an event called ‘Build a Global Fire’ to forge the will and commitment to keep the fires of humanity burning brightly in the future.

The Students of Middle School also took part in various activities to celebrate the joyous event. All the activities emphasized the principles that Gandhiji propagated in his life: peace, tranquility, non-violence, cleanliness, and purity of mind. The students also stepped out for a plantation drive and planted saplings. Apart from all the activities, the students across MYP participated in an optional Poster Making Competition ‘Truce’ on the theme: Peace and Tranquillity in today’s context where they could express themselves in any medium; Digital or through Visual Arts.