/Student Council Elections 2020-21

Student Council Elections 2020-21

The student council is a student agency that we all trust and rest our hopes with for a better future. Our young leaders are our pride, and it gives us immense joy to see them explore their potential and display their exemplary skills. 

In this distinct year when all things are being done differently, then why not the student council elections! In the history of MYP, for the first time we witnessed virtual elections.  

The process began with discussions on leadership and associated skills for the month of October in PULSE lessons to filling up the self- nomination forms.  

It was heartening to see the confidence of students and the urge to make meaningful contributions to the school both in virtual as well as physical space. Few students made it through the speech round and their profound thoughts and unstoppable energy brought back the vibrance of MYP. All MYP students enthusiastically voted for their peers, making this process transparent and student driven.