/Global School Strike for Climate Change

Global School Strike for Climate Change

On Friday, the 12th of April 2019, thirty MYP students from grades 7, 8 and 9 attended an Environment March protest located at the Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Change, Jorbagh. The protest was a collaborative by several schools across the NCR. I had the opportunity to attend the March as well. We initiated the protest through a widespread sharing of our thoughts and ideas. Students shared speeches, songs, poetry, rap and drama performances about significant climate issues like pollution, deforestation, global warming and more. The ninth-grade students of PSG performed world-famous songs about saving our planet, like Heal The World by Michael Jackson.

Aditi Amritesh

The audience sang along with our performers, forming a choir whose voice couldn’t be stopped! For the protest, I wanted to bring to light the issue of irresponsible waste disposal of plastic and non-biodegradable materials, leading to extremely long-term land, air and water pollution. I created a costume by recycling plastic wastes to depict different varieties of non-degradable and non-eco-friendly products that are regularly disposed in completely inappropriate and dangerous ways, such as e-waste, kitchen wastes (plastic cutlery and straws), plastic bottles and plastic bags. I also displayed the slogans “Earth Is Not Your Trash Can” and “Plastic Is Immortal, We Are Not” on my costume. My costume attracted a lot of attention from people participating in the movement, and I explained the significance of environmentally-friendly waste disposal methods to them. I was glad to be able to spread my message and sensitize as many people as I could towards my cause. I think we, as a society in preparation for our future, should actively support the betterment of the environment by integrating eco-friendly practices such as responsible waste disposal, anti-consumerism and opting for non-carbon-fuelled transport mechanisms into our lifestyles. I hope that the efforts of us thirty MYP students to save our planet make a change, and allow us to see the beautiful future we’re waiting for.


Aditi Amritesh,