/Poem Of The Day- ‘Verses from a Jawan’

Poem Of The Day- ‘Verses from a Jawan’

 Riding down the highway in a big blue bus,

I had absolutely no idea what was in store for us.

I was on my way to defend my country,

The mood in the bus was sometimes solemn but also quite cheery.

I really miss my family, my daughter, son and wife,

I wish I knew that this was going to be the last day of my life.

I would have spoken to them, with tears in my eye,

Telling them I would be ok, and not to cry.



The bus came to a sudden halt, lurching me out of my seat,

I knew something was wrong and I wanted to run, but I didn’t want to look like a cheat.

Then I heard a loud ‘Boom!’ and then everything went dark,

Something was wrong, I had started to see a big, bright arc.



I looked down through the clouds and saw carnage,

Remains of my companions from an act so savage.

Why, oh why this way did I leave my family?

To die in an act done by people who were so cowardly?



It was so unexpected, what could I have done for my beloved nation?

Was this martyrdom or an assassination?

Pride fills my heart, a Jawan to the end,

That you may sleep well as this land we defend.



These lines I write as my family and nation mourn,

Listen oh listen, there is no need to be torn.

Wipe those tears, our duties carry onwards,

For now it is time that you, yes you, be victorious over those cowards.

Anoushka Chagas Pereira -(Grade 6 D)
Pathways School Gurgaon