/Lord Jeffrey Archer’s Session

Lord Jeffrey Archer’s Session

On January 29th, 2019, Pathways School Gurgaon had the pleasure of hosting Jeffrey Archer, a bestselling author, and a name known around the world for books like, ‘Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less’ and his most recent book, ‘Heads You Win’. Many would think an author would start by talking about their books, but the session began with a conversation about cricket!

During the session, Lord Archer talked about many different points, in addition to answering several questions from various students. For example, his first book, ‘Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less’ was written when he was 35 years old and bankrupt and was turned down by 14 publishers. He stated that this was how he came to writing by accident. Eventually, the 15th publisher helped publish Lord Archer’s book, and it, later on, became a bestseller.

During the session, a child asked Lord Archer about one of his favorite aspects of India, to which he gave a rather entertaining response. ‘Certainly not the traffic,’ which the audience responded to with a laugh. But in all seriousness, Lord Archer responded to the question with, ‘The kind and warm-hearted people that you find here.’

Lord Archer talked about many topics throughout the session, other than his experiences and books. For instance, he shared a lovely story about his wife’s job experiences. She was one of the first female workers at a college for Chemistry. Once she was about to become a professor, she felt the need for change and took up something new. Luckily, she was appointed as a dame and became chair of the National Science Museum. Her story helps influence our risk-taking abilities because she helped show that anything is possible as long as one believes in themselves.

As the session came to an end, Lord Archer said; ‘You may forget me, but I will never forget you.’ Later on, books were signed and snacks were eaten. It was certainly a memorable day.