/COMCON 2018 – Business and Economics Fest at G D Goenka School

COMCON 2018 – Business and Economics Fest at G D Goenka School

13 students from Pathways School Noida participated in the COMCON 2018, Business and Economics Fest at G D Goenka School on Monday 20th August 2018.

Our students participated in 4 events namely Business Quiz, Video Making, Product Display and Poster Making. It was a well organised event where 9 schools participated.

Our students had an enriching experience where they learnt to work together, make decisions within time and produce measurable outcomes. Few of them were appreciated for their performances but we thought that every student grew in experience.

Snigdha Khurana won the Runners Up Medal in Poster making and our Business Quiz Team comprising of Aayush, Ishan, Paarth and Adyant had to settle with the Second Runners up position after a tight tie-breaker.

The opening ceremony consisted of a musical piece and a Dance item which was well appreciated. We were then told to move to the respective venues of the competition.

For the poster making competition the Rubric were very broad, so our students had to take variety of art materials for the event. They were told to create a A3 size poster on Sustainability in two hours. They used the materials very intelligently. Snigdha brought some wires from home which she used in her layout to add uniqueness.

The Business Quiz started with the elimination round where all nine teams were given a Business Crossword to solve. Our team was selected as one of the top four teams for the following rounds. Though “Scottish High” was the deserving winner, we ended up joint second for this competition. The organisers then declared a tie-breaker round to decide the second position. Our team knew most of the answers but failed to press the buzzer on time. So, despite knowing three out of the five questions we could not scale the tiebreaker.

The Video making was a round where student had to prepare a video on “Sustainability threats of economic growth” before coming to the competition. Our students Vanshikaa Jain and Naman Kasana were one of the few students who stressed on original footage and linking them together in their film. While many schools used images and videos from internet and masked them with their voices.

The final round was of “Product Design” . Our team of Vanshika Goel, Vidisha Singhal and Gariyasi Garg even made a prototype of their idea. The product design of our counter was a women centric idea.