/Tree plantation – CAS project

Tree plantation – CAS project

In the fast-paced world of today, one of the biggest challenges humanity faces is to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Working towards creating this harmony, on 12th of August 2018, students of DP 1 went for a plantation drive to Wazirabad Bundh. The long drive and traffic did not dampen their spirits and the students arrived at the destination eager to make their contribution to this noble cause. Ms. Anjali, who is a volunteer at the ‘I AM GURGAON’ NGO, briefed the students about native plant species of the Aravalis: Goya Khair, Gundi, Bistendo and Adusa. Not only did she brief the students about the plantation activity, but also shared that some of the plants had medicinal and religious importance.

The students were divided into groups of three and each group was tasked to plant fifteen saplings. However, they were so enthused that all the groups planted more than the mark. Stepping out of their comfort zones, they soiled their hands, more than they ever had in a very long time. This activity helped them understand, that making a change or being the change is so much easier. The activity ended with a short quiz by Ms. Anjali and prize distribution to the winners. The smallest of contributions can help way more than is imagined and all we need is to make a start. With an impetus to carry forward this initiative, the students now await going back to Wazirabad to see the growth of the saplings.