/Rainwater Harvesting Project by Grade 10 Student

Rainwater Harvesting Project by Grade 10 Student

Tavishi Singh, a Grade 10 student of Pathways School Gurgaon embarked on a noble mission to provide clean and sustainable drinking water to the needy, while simultaneously replenishing the fast-depleting water table in Gurgaon. She took upon the ambitious task of installing a rainwater harvesting system within the premises of Earth Saviors Foundation, a NGO which provides shelter to abandoned senior citizens and the homeless. Through her project, ‘Endless River’, she has help the Foundation to meet their daily water needs of 10,000 litres which was earlier being sourced from a borewell.

In order to understand the requirements of the project, she took guidance from with Mr Sekhar Raghavan – ‘Rain Man Of Chennai’. He helped navigate the waters in selecting the most efficient and cost-effective method of rainwater harvesting. Senior Engineer Mani Mishra and IPS officer Mrs. Renuka Mishra helped her sail through the difficulties faced during the installation.

This National-level swimmer wants to continue to take her work forward even after she finishes school and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Talking about her family who has been a long-term donor to this foundation themselves, she says: “They are extremely proud of this step taken by me, and the manner in which the project has been completed.”