/Ex Pathwaysian authors a fictional book on the parallel universe

Ex Pathwaysian authors a fictional book on the parallel universe

Simmy Kors (real name: Simran Uppal), is a former student of Pathways World School, Aravali.  She left the School when she was in Grade 6 since the family had to move to Dubai.  At the mere age of 17, Simmy, a Grade 11 Student has become a debut author of “The Zenas Cure”.  On 22nd March she released her debut novel at the hands of Patricia Sethi Pereira, an international journalist and in the presence of Prasad Pankar, in Panjim.  The novel has already been sold out twice.

Simmy Kors has been traveling around India for the publicity of her novel, giving interviews, a guest speaker at various events, literary festival etc.

In her book, Simmy has created the realm of Kedar, a universe parallel to our own, that exists on the other side of the mirror. In Kedar, every individual is born with milk-white eyes, with no irises. At the age of five, they develop an iris colour based on their leading attributes, which, in turn, determines a lot of things. Offering a synopsis of the book, Simmy explains, “Beware of Kedar! The parallel universe that exists on the other side of the mirror, a world where people are divided by the colour of their eyes and the powers that come with it.

On Monday, 2nd of April, Simmy visited the School to address a select group of students of Grades 7, 8, 9 and 11.  In a 45 minutes session held in the School Auditorium,

Simmy shared her inspiring thoughts with the students and the vast amount of hard work, focus, and dedication that goes into a book writing. By sharing her experience about writing Simmy inspired the Students about the power and potential of their own writing.

During her conversation with the staff of Pathways World School, Simmy fondly remembered her days at the School. She said that some of her best memories are from Pathways World School. She was extremely delighted to be back in the School to address the Students, some of whom had been her classmates 5 years back.  She spent some time interacting with the students, her alma mater and the staff.

She presented a copy of her debut novel to the School Director, Dr. Sarvesh Naidu and one copy to the School Library.

The School is extremely proud of Simran Uppal and wishes her all the best for the future.