/PSN Students lead the way in cleaning the Hauz Khas Lake

PSN Students lead the way in cleaning the Hauz Khas Lake

Hauz Khas Lake, a water body in the middle of south Delhi has been dying a slow death over the last few years, heavily polluted with organic materials. Delhi Development Authority has been exploring low-cost solutions. One ingenious solution has come from a London Based Environment Engineer Mr. Tarun Nanda who found a low-cost technique of floating wetlands with plants which will work as natural filters for the lake and clean the lake in a sustainable manner.

Pathways School Noida has joined this sustainable drive to clean water bodies of NCR by manufacturing five floating islands at Hauz Khas Lake. Embracing this radical, low-cost solution, the student community has come forward to take up this project of cleaning water bodies. The islands are made of waste materials and jute. During this process of floating the islands, the students interacted with the other visitors to the lake to promote wider awareness of the importance of cleaning up the lake.

The school Director Dr. Shalini Advani said “This project fits in with our educational commitment at Pathways to not only create awareness but to teach children that they can act to make a difference to the environmental challenges our world faces.

The project was initiated in school assembly through an interactive session with Mr. Tarun Nanda where students of Grade 4 to Grade 8 understood the core concept. It was followed by a workshop in school where students constructed the islands. Finally, the students of Primary and secondary school floated these islands on Hauz Khas Lake, after putting the plants on these islands which will slowly take up the pollutants as their nutrients and purify the lake.

The project was coordinated by students studying IB Diploma Environmental Systems along with student council members and was an instant success.