/Green Dream Initiative at Akhlimpur Government School

Green Dream Initiative at Akhlimpur Government School

Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life.

Carrie Chapman Catt

18 Students of Interact Club, Pathways World School Aravali visited the Government Middle School, Aklimpur on Saturday, 24th February to carry out the “Green Dreams”, a project aimed at making the School into a Green School. This project comes under the wider umbrella project “Hum Saarthi” designed to enhance infrastructure, enrich the resources, skills and cultural activities of the Govt. Schools. Pathways World School Aravali supports more than 14 schools in a similar manner since its inception in 2003.

In the first phase of this project, the students worked on leveling the area with the help of tractors to sow grass in the area. The Students transformed the place within 2 hours. In the next phase, they will work on other areas of the school including planting bigger trees along the sides of the building which will help reduce the temperature of the buildings by several degrees during the summer month



1 Ankita Bharti
2 Priya Kumari
3 Saloni Nijhawan
4 Sarah Ghandi
5 Arpita Bansal
6 Samira Key-Si
7 Anukriti Agrawal
8 Shristi Aggarwal
9 Pakhi Jain
10 Delisha Mehta
11 Khushi Bansal
12 Aliza Sheikh


1 Pushpit Ghosh
2 Divyanshu Gupta
3 Ashwin Kumar
4 Ashutosh Walia
5 Sidhant Jaiswal
6 Rishab Jalan