/Young German Environmentalist Visits Pathways on a Bamboo Bike

Young German Environmentalist Visits Pathways on a Bamboo Bike

Basti Guttmann of Munich, Germany, a cyclist and an environmentalist left his hometown on 10th of June to travel through the World on his bicycle made of Bamboo. Basti arrived at Pathways World School, Aravali on 8th of November and stayed on the School Campus for 3 nights.

Basti covered Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and entered India via Amritsar. He arrived in Delhi through the villages of Sunam, Narwana, and Rohtak.

During his stay at Pathways, he interacted with the students, went cycling with them and attended few classes as well. He describes his experience on the Campus as “Awesome with a lot of fresh air”. He found his conversations with children extremely motivating.

Basti shared his visit to India has been extremely gratifying right from getting a turban tied on his head in Punjab to mingling with a diverse culture of people.

The talk of the town is Basti’s Bamboo cycle. A nature lover Basti said that bamboo is easy to maintain, and this unique innovation brought novelty to his passion forPic with school riding the cycle through the world. Other than cycling around the world Basti wants to plant trees.  His target is to plant 40,000 trees. He planted a sapling at Pathways World School too.

Being a tea lover, Basti’s next stopover is Darjeeling which he will travel via Lucknow and from there he will travel to Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Morocco, Spain and then back home – flights for international travel and cycling through the regions.

Basti believes that one shouldn’t have any fear and that a smile always comes back to you!