/Grade 4 field trip to Hajipur village

Grade 4 field trip to Hajipur village

On 7th of December 2017 Form 4 went on a scheduled field trip to Hajipur Village, Noida for an interaction with the Mr. Mahesh Awana, Sarpanch. This trip was planned to inquire into ‘Decision-making Process’ being done under the Unit, Government (Governing systems and decision making influence the lives of citizens ). The students got to interact and understand first hand, about the first tier of decision making to solve the day to day conflicts and problems of the villagers and how the system of Panchayat Raj functions.
It was a bright winter morning when the motivated and excited students visited Mr. Mahesh Awana at his village. Mr. Mahesh Awana was very hospitable and had arranged for the seating at his home outdoors in the garden. The students were ready with their list of questions. It was an interesting and enriching session. The students keenly carried on the discussion, while taking down notes.After that, Mr. Awana accompanied the students and took them on a tour through the village, to a village school run on charity for orphans and the less privileged. The students looked around and were reflective in their thoughts about the students who lived and studied there and the school environment.

While saying their thank you and goodbyes, a group photograph was clicked with Mr. Mahesh Awana.

At the end of the discussion with Mr. Awana, the students realized that all the decisions taken by the Pradhan and his six to eight members were all about helping and solving the problems, at an immediate level of the village folks. The villagers lived together as one big family where festivals, joys, and sorrows are shared and all work towards the well-being of the village.

The students’ reflections clearly brought about their understanding of how decisions are made in a community and the impact that it has on the people concerned.