/Student Led Conference @Pathways World School, Aravali

Student Led Conference @Pathways World School, Aravali

An important component of the PYP philosophy is the development of learners, who are actively engaged in building on their previous knowledge and experiences, and applying new understandings to become reflective, self-directed learners. Learners are encouraged to be Risk-takers who set and achieve worthwhile goals for themselves, and effectively communicate their ideas to others. One way in which we help Students from Grades Pre-Nursery to 4 accomplish this, is through Student-led Conferencing.

The benefits of holding a Student-Led Conference include:

  • Teaching students to reflect more deeply on their progress and to set goals for continued personal, social and academic growth
  • Giving students increased ownership of their academic progress
  • Providing a forum for students to share the contents of their PYP portfolios with their parents
  • Developing students’ communication skills

This is also a unique opportunity for Parents to take a more active part in their child’s learning, and a forum to see their child’s enthusiasm for school work.

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