/Project Pehel to educate support staff at Pathways School Gurgaon

Project Pehel to educate support staff at Pathways School Gurgaon

The latest session of Project Pehel was born of the need to educate our support staff at pathways Gurgaon on how to cope with the recent monetary situation in the country.

‘The most important attitude that can be found is the desire to go on learning.’ This attitude espoused by philosopher and education reformer John Dewey, is most evident in the adult learners of Project Pehel. We had the fifth lesson under this special project on the morning of 12 November ‘16, and the spirit of learning shown by the support staff to continue developing their IT and English skills, was as high as ever!


A very important part of this particular session, was the discussion on the recent demonetization in the country. They were shown a video of the Prime Minister’s speech, briefed about ways to exchange the currencies they had with them and were given suggestions on how to manage their house hold finances. The men were given suggestions on how to manage taxes and related financial factors and were then taught the calculations required for it. Eager learners, they then worked on individual laptops to calculate their own taxes for the year.

The lesson in English for the women was based on colors. They began by drawing and coloring anything they desired – from flowers to extremely detailed scenes and described their art with the prior knowledge of words they had in their repertory. They were then introduced to new colors which they were unaware of and the spellings thereof.

In our next session, the learning will be flipped around, so that our didis who earn a living for themselves, learn how to manage their own earnings.