/Moment of great honour for Pathways Schools

Moment of great honour for Pathways Schools

It was a moment of pride and glory for Pathways when the CTO of Pathways Group of Schools, Mr. Satish Papnoi was recently felicitated at not one, but two of the most prestigious IT awards functions held by DataQuest and PCQuest respectively.

Dataquest awarded Business Technology Award to Pathways Group of Schools for using cutting edge technology in their day-to-day operations. Alongside,India’s leading IT Magazine PCQuest held it’s C-Change IT Leadership awards on the occasion of its 13th Anniversary. These awards were held to facilitate CIO/CTO’s who have been successful leaders and implemented technology in their respective business scenarios. Mr. Satish Papnoi was bestowed with this prestigious award from PC Quest which is a recognition to the role of a CTO/CIO’s that has evolved over time, from being the MIS/EDM managers of yester-years, to IT leaders spearheading prestigious IT projects, into what they have become today–transformation heads of their organizations.

C-Change Award 2106
Mr Satish Papnoi (on Right) receiving the award.

Pathways has since its inception always spearheaded the endeavor to benefit education through the use of cutting edge technology. The School realizes that the times when classes were teacher centric and black board oriented are now a thing of the past. The current generation of classes are more future oriented and technologies like Gamification of Lessons, VR Experiments and use of Hand Held Smart Devices are quickly replacing traditional learning tools. Embracing this change and attempting to lead the path of education through technology, Pathways is today using tools and technologies like Flipped Classrooms, E-Books, Digital Content Delivery Systems and E-Assessments to equip their students for the digital age of tomorrow.

These awards bestowed to Mr. Satish Papnoi and Pathways Group of Schools were a recognition to the immense advancement done by Pathways in incorporating technology and education.