/District Swimming Championships

District Swimming Championships

Pathways School Gurgaon displayed a spectacular performance at District Swimming Championships recently. Here is a blog post written by a grade 9 student Zorawar Singh Ghumman on this exciting journey of achievements.


Tired. Exhausted. That’s how I felt when I got out of the swimming pool after another hard session of morning practice a day prior to the District Swimming competition to be held at the Kamla Nehru swimming pool. Through this competition some candidates were selected to represent the Gurgaon District in the Haryana State Championships. The previous year we had also gone for this competition and very few people had qualified for the state competition. Well this year we were better prepared, fitter and stronger, after a strenuous training program in the summer camp, as well as our daily morning regimen. We had made sure that when the succession of competitions began this time around, we fared a lot better and had a lot more victories to celebrate. After the euphoria of that day, each and every person came for practice the following morning, as the ‘success bug’ had bitten us and we were hungry for more!!


After that practice session ended, our coaches Manish Sir, Rahul Sir, Bidisha Ma’am and Neelam Ma’am informed us that the District Swimming Championships were going to be held at Shri Ram School, Moulsari over the next few days, including Saturday and Sunday. After the initial dismay of missing out on our weekend, once realized that the State qualifications would be finalized from this very competition, there was a newfound enthusiasm and vigor for the remainder of the day. We did have hopes of succeeding and improving on our performances from the previous year as we were a lot faster, even though there were far more schools and their swimmers competing!

Nevertheless we definitely did not expect what was to follow though! Over Saturday and Sunday as well as Tuesday (this was due to the torrid rains on Sunday) we won a plethora of 26 Gold Medals, 14 Silver Medals and 16 Bronze medals; and two individual championships. This was a record for Pathways in terms of performance in swimming competitions!! Daisaku Kashikara from 6th Grade and his sister Kanare Kashikara from 2nd Grade won the individual championships and Kanare also won 7 Gold medals from each of the events she participated in. The first and second place from every event qualified to represent Gurgaon district – the goal that drove us and helped us in succeeding. Thanks to the guidance of the coaches we were able to achieve this in the end.


Throughout the course of the competition the fervor and passion never wavered, lessened or dropped. I also heard a few comments from the spectators that Pathways School Gurgaon had the best support for their swimmers, comprising not only of the parents who came out to support their children, but also of all the participants, as we screamed and cheered in every race our swimmers!

To me that was the best experience, sure winning medals and qualifying was sweet and receiving the medals even sweeter, but what I will never forget is the outstanding support. Sure it was damp, wet and gloomy on Sunday but everyone was still in high spirits and enjoying themselves.


I would like to thank Pathways and the entire swimming department along with the parents for giving us these outstanding facilities to practice in, waking up early in the morning every day without fail and for giving us the opportunities and chances to succeed. Almost each and every member of the swimming team won something, most won a host of medals. Yet what is even more heartening to see is that despite the improvement and the exhilarating performance, the dedication and team work has not flagged; in fact it has taken new leaps of enthusiasm!!