/Fourth Senior Students Round Square Conference

Fourth Senior Students Round Square Conference

The inaugural ceremony of the Fourth Senior Students Round Square Conference at Pathways World School Aravali  kicked off with pomp and joy on February 12th, 2015.  The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Translate-Transform-Transfer’.

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The four days conference was aimed at churning the collective talents of more than hundred and twenty children from fifteen participating schools and ensuring an aspirational platform of productive interaction amongst them. The joie de vivre and enthusiasm of the whole event commenced with vibrancy and a strong sense of purpose. The participating schools were Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hissar; Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, Jaipur; Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior; The Assam Valley School, Assam; Singapore International School, Mumbai; Punjab Public School, Nabha; The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal; Sarala Birla Academy, Bengaluru; The Emerald Heights International School, Indore; Yadavindra Public School, Patiala; Genesis Global School, Noida; The British School, Delhi; Dhirubhai Ambani  International School, Mumbai; Rajmata Kanya Kumari Girls Public School, Jodhpur and the hosting school Pathways World School, Aravali

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It all began with a night out at Camp Tikkling to break the ice with a series of exciting activities for the delegates before the Opening Ceremony the next day. The inauguration ceremony began with Sangathan Sukta (last Sukta of Rigveda) tempering the bussing excitement in the air and causing an air of silence to settle upon the crowd. The ceremony was graced by the Chief Guest and Key note speaker, Mr G M Var, a true crusader and visionary, who shared his insights on ‘Reformation through Education’, a life-changing movement which has declared the true spirit of education for more than a decade in India. He also enlightened the august gathering with truly inspiring words that embodied a spirit of larger than life commitment for our society.

Keynote Speakers like Mr. Aditya Ghosh, the President and Executive Director of the India’s youngest airline IndiGo,  addressed the gathering and explained the importance of effort, innovation and perseverance, giving the delegates something important to discuss. Dr Amit Tateja, Co-founder and Executive Director of Connecting Dreams Foundation also inspired the delegates with his experiences of success and failures.

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Apart from the speakers, there were also three Workshops held. The Drama Workshop focused on the ability to come up with something unique and interesting on an impromptu topic. The Art Workshop had each students copy down a shape onto paper, all sheets of which eventually came together to form a big picture, while the Design Technology Workshop focused on the process of translating ideas into tangible objects.

On the Cultural Night, each school put up a performance. It was magnetic, ranging from a Rajasthani dance by the Maharani Gayatri Devi girls, to Assam Valley’s rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine. During the closing ceremony, the Conference Statement reiterated on the need to persevere and strive for change in our lives.

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The range and depth/variety of performances spanned genres of performing arts and brought fore the amazing diversity of this beautiful nation and mesmerised the audience with a wonderful event that eventually became even more unforgettable.