/Sports & Science Program with students from Bandhwari High School

Sports & Science Program with students from Bandhwari High School



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As part of our ongoing project with Bandhwari High School, their students of grade 9 and 10 visited our campus yesterday. Since their school does not offer science from Grade 9 onwards, we chose to give them a chance to explore that space.  Divided into groups, they witnessed demonstrations held by our grade 11 students.

In Biology they participated and attempted food tests – Carbohydrate and Protein, looked at mounted slides of Amoeba and  Plasmodium and specimens of Animal Classification.

In Physics, experiments in Static Electricity – demonstration of Van de Graff Generator; Magnetic Properties, Light – refraction and dispersion using prism, Pressure due to liquids , Water Waves properties – Ripple Tank, Transverse Waves, Sound Level Meter.

In Chemistry-Elephant toothpaste, Fire in water, PH strip to detect Ph of different solutions, Ammonium dichromate Volcano, hazards with chemicals.

Their day began on sports field at 10.30am. Our boys learnt the rules of the forgotten Indian sport of kabaddi  and soon both sides were ready to take each other on for a match! The girls meanwhile, entered the basketball court for the first time and were coached by our grade 11 basketball players.

For both groups of students, the learning was apparent, for both had ventured into territories unknown and walked out with the joy of achievement. “It was an enriching experience, where via sports we learnt from other children and taught them as well. It was certainly very nice to see their amazed faces when they did experiments in science labs.”     Shashwat, Grade 11

Students of Bandhwari High School will  be in our school every Wednesday to build a relationship and grow as individuals in keeping with the Pathways philosophy of Learn Work Play Think LIVE!