/Building Cultural Bridge- Pathwaysians Connect with Korean Exchange students

Building Cultural Bridge- Pathwaysians Connect with Korean Exchange students

Studying abroad can change a student’s life for the better, immerse them in new languages and cultures and allow them to further investigate academic passions. In August, Pathways School Gurgaon welcomed a group of 13 Korean students with their 2 teachers as a part of their Indo-Korean exchange program. The programme was an enriching experience on many levels. It helped in both personal and professional development of students, stimulated creative ideas, enhanced relationships, and strengthened multicultural understanding.




The programme started with a lively and informative session that showcased Indian and Korean cultures. Pathways students presented a slide show on the different parts of India and included colourful images of its cuisines, religions as well as festivals. The school music teacher gave a wonderful rendition of ‘Raag Bhog’ that captured the essence of Hindustani classical music. Whilst the Korean exchange students started with a fun filled traditional dance. One of the students displayed ‘Hanbok’, a traditional dress worn by Koreans and demonstrated how it is worn. They also presented the techniques from Taekwondo, a Korean national sport followed by a group dance performance . The show concluded with the students singing Korea’s National Anthem. The whole program was captivating and entertaining for everyone present there with a fruitful exchange between two different cultures.



Pathways also combined the Independence day celebration for India and South Korea. Coincidentally, South Korea also attained independence on the 15th August. The assembly began with the school director, Capt. Rohit Bajaj hoisting the tricolor followed by India’s national anthem. Thereafter, the South Korean teacher hoisted the South Korean flag and their national anthem was sung.


The program provided an enriching experience to all the participating students, by exposing them to an environment where they are required to adjust in a foreign country without the help of their family. The transition that students made as they walked out of their comfort zone of their native environment, carving out an identity on their own in a foreign land, gave them the confidence that they would need in their further education or career. It also instilled a sense of responsibility and accountability in them.


The Exchange Programme, as with most such activities was a platform for learning not only for the visitors but also for the students of our own school. It taught the students how, under various guises of nation, religion, skin and many more all of us are human beings – children of the same world.